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About New Masterminds

We’re a full-service agency, built for the now.

We help companies get found online, and help them grow

We combine strategy with powerful technology to move the needle when it comes to your marketing, sales, and customer experience. With years of experience, there’s no better partner to help you grow.

Meet The Team

Maria Bahamam

Maria Bahamam

Founder & CEO

Maria is an innovation Entrepreneur and a woman in tech with a passion for AI and machine learning

Mike Rynart

Mike Rynart

Web Consultant

Digital Creator who empowers entrepreneurs to build a brand, and share their story to the world.

Susan Saan

Susan Saan

Analytics Expert

Automations, email marketing, SEO, paid advertising, are just a few things that wake her up in the morning

Marine Lewis

Marine Lewis

Head of Sales

Her diverse background has provided a deep understanding of branding and customer loyalty.

Our Values

We’re here to help you grow your brand, and expand your connections. The core values we apply to deliver an epic experience include:


If you know the best way to do something, you’ll do good work. If you share that knowledge with others, you’ll become a leader.


We constantly push ourselves to be our best, we focus on solutions, and we arrive every day inspired to make an impact through our talents, passion and hard work.


A culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Constantly seeking personal and professional growth.

What We Do Best



Social Media

Team Training


Web Development

Email Marketing


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